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    What's up Henry! Awesome footage & music, I enjoyed this video. I also have the Q500 4K, however, I don't know if you noticed when you visited my channel, there's no Q500 videos. After first buying the DJI Phantom 3 Standard, I bought the q500 and was a little dissappointed. The Q500 videos are nice, such as your's, but there's always that "halo" with the purple spot thing going on whenever the lens is pointed towards the sun. The q500 takes great videos at times, I call her my "one direction" bird, because I can't point her at the sun!!! LoL!!! Anyways… your video has inspired me to take mine out, do some more experimenting, maybe try some camera filters, or remove stock camera and rigg my own! Thanks for the nice video, great job! DJ SOUL FORCE

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