Yuneec Typhoon H SHERIFF Interceptor Paint Mod with Working Lights, Hexacopter

Sheriff badge wallpaper by: Jean Min from
Radio recording from:

I have a thread for this at Yuneec Pilots here:

Can’t say why I got the idea in my head to mod a Typhoon H to be a Sheriff Interceptor, but once I found the lights and they would fit, then found the stickers would fit on the lights and assured myself the legs would easily lift the weight while retracting and the battery would not mess things up, there was no stopping this.

She does fly just fine, but now that it is together, I will be cleaning up the paint edges and improving the detail, you can see a lot of edges need work, could have used a thinner tape.

Part 2 video coming within a couple weeks, will have that detail work and the bird in flight. Part 3 will be some “chase” themed/oriented action vid, but who knows when I’ll get that done.

Take it easy and thanks for dropping by.



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