Yuneec Typhoon H – Buoy Flying and Vloging Over Lake Huron!

Check It Out! In this episode we will be doing some buoy’s flying with the Yuneec Typhoon H out over Lake Huron in the cold! I am trying to take every opportunity to get more flight time under my belt before the sky’s of winter close up over Michigan!

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Typhoon filters:

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  • Stan Cook

    OUTSTANDING! I loved the dark rich color. It beat the hat cam for sure. I am impressed with the Typhoon. If I didn't have my new Mavic Pro Platinum I would consider the Typhoon. Great job. Still eating left over turkey and it's just me and my wife from a Turkey log. Of course I cook a Blue Apron three times a week. Anyway, nice flight.

  • Gregory Hall

    Really nice video, I like the Yuneec because of the rich colors and the video is excellent. I almost bought one but I am glad that I waited because I just got a Mavic Pro as a Christmas gift. I still may eventually get the Yuneec though.

  • RJ_Make

    Would it be possible for you to send me some of the 4K footage in a flat video profile for me to check out? Have a couple of questions: Does it shot RAW (DNG's) photo's, and is the EXIF data present in the .DNG ? Can it shoot in log?

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