Yuneec Typhoon H Average Flight Time and it’s not 25 minutes

Update: 2nd Level Battery Warning is at 14.0 volts.

After six months, I still haven’t achieved that 25 minute flight. It’s more like 17-20 minutes before I get the 1st level low battery warning. Even worse at high altitudes. I’m so glad I never got the 2nd level low battery warning, that’s when it just drops out of the sky.

The batteries are also showing their age. How long will they last before having to replace them?

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    a very interesting analysis, something that i was wondering too. You say at the beginning starting voltage at 16.8v. Funny enough, mine only reaches 16.6v fully charged. Overall, all the info you give here, more or less pictures my flight times as well. 17-20mins tops, but without draining battery, i always avoid that, safety reasons. Lets hope Yuneec will come up with some solutions to this issue in the near future. It will be a shame for a great machine like the H, not to have the corresponding support from its battery. I will sub your channel, i do believe in supporting each other for exchanging info and tips, on the thing we love so much Have a look at my channel if you get the time, a sub back would be awesome too. Happy Flying to everyone

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