This video is about my Typhoon H that I received in May 2016. It has been with me for over a year now and has been flown countless times. This is my review of how it has held up and what I think of it now that it is one year old. My Typhoon H Landing Pad can be purchased here:


Yuneec TYPHOON H – 1 Year Later – My Review

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  • Chris Soniak

    I had a blade chroma with a similar CGO3+ camera to the Typhoon H. The cameras by Yuneec have extremely crappy auto white balance and exposure control. DJI cameras better control these photo/video attributes; I fly a phantom 4 now. That said I love my Chroma for other reasons.

  • Warren Stocks

    Great video. Thinking of upgrading from Q500+ to the H and your video was one of the best reviews of the H. Appreciate the work that goes into making these videos so wanted to say thanks

  • blackstorm 5540

    I'm a beginner at flying drones period. I have crashed my typhoon H twice. Both crash's are definitely operator error. Ive gotten better at flying my drone. Just got to say if you are mechanically inclined this is the drone for you, very easy to repair.

  • blackstorm 5540

    About the battery, I been letting mine hover maybe a 12 to 20 inch above the ground and just letting it flop down when its completely exhausted its power, try your best to keep around 12 inches above ground , no repairs yet.

  • Gadget Inspector

    I really like video reviews like this. It's so hard to really get a good sense of the pros/cons of these drones, especially the more advanced ones like this after just a few flights. I also like to see how the product matures over time in terms of updates and fixes. Sounds like Yuneec did a great job in that regard. This big dog was a bit intimidating to me so I never seriously considered getting one, but your video gives it a nice appeal.

  • Drone Journey

    I have to say again this is one of the best drones on the market. I have DJI Phantoms and tested Mavics etc. But this is for me the best cinematic drone for filming I have ever used. Good review and spot on on information

  • banditcosmo

    I'm thinking about buying one as they are on sale at Best Buy for $1200.00 with the RealSense.
    My question is about the updated versions. Is there a way to know when looking at the box if you are getting the latest and greatest ?

  • sunny swag

    "your watching this video to buy a typhoon H". Sorry, no i came here because i want to bash the typhoon in the comments and rant on how much better the phantom series is.

  • Anthony Smith

    Great video, I have had mine for 12 months as well but have it up for sale here in Australia. I was very happy with it's performance but as I got better with taking the shot I realised the camera was letting it down and found it difficult to transport by foot, I had a lot of accessories that wouldn't fit in the back pack. I finally purchased the i2 and Mavic for portability. The H is still a great machine and have taken some great shots but wish they would have upgraded the camera without having to upgrade the H. Who knows if it doesn't sell I may just keep it.

  • Aaron Hunt

    Haha.. great video but is that a no fly zone led signal going on there? havent learned them all yet. just saw the spaz blinking.loving my H. thanks .. agree on the battery. can get bloated if stored with full charge and lose effectiveness. also had a couple crashes the camera wires are very small and have a wear point that you can resoder yourself with a bit of patience and small tools

  • Reggie Smiley

    I am fed up with DJI Phantom 4 Pro, video is great but I have had to send both of my Phantom 4 Pro's in for repair and now I have to send another one in again for cracks. I haven't had either of my drones for 6 months yet. I'm really considering to buy a Typhoon H .

  • Association of Free People

    I have one that's approximately the same age as your Typhoon. I had problems with control and shelved it waiting for firmware updates. I took it for a flight after a firmware update and calibrations and it was fine for most of the flight. Inbound for landing it started getting squirrelly and performing the dreaded oscillating / toilet bowl. I brought it in for a rough landing after fighting with it for approximately 5 minutes 15-20' off the ground. All settings were good, power good, 19 satellites, etc. I want to love this drone but it's sketchy as hell. Considering sending it back, maybe a problem with the GPS board. Any advice is welcome.

  • Jeff Johnson

    My Typhoon H was 20 yards in front of me and it shut off and crashed.  My ground controller did not record telemetry data so Yuneec would not warranty it.  Be aware if you buy Yuneec, they used to have good support, but it's going down hill fast.  There products are cheap and break easy.  I had to replace two arms and landing gear failed once.  I cannot express enough that DI is a much better drone company.

  • Dan Cardinal

    Nice video very informative. I own the Q500 and was considering getting the H model… I now know that I'll sell my Q500 for $$ towards an H and might get the Breeze for a portable drone. DJI doesn't interest me at all.

  • teknofil007

    Hei from Norway. I Write you agein because you Write back and you own this H from Yuneec. I fly Dji Inspire 1 and Dji Spark fly moore combo. I got 25% of on this Yuneec H. That was a good deal. My plan is to sell my Dji Spark and pay fore this Yuneec H. But many People have problem With firmawere and other Things on H. So what can you say me?. Is it a machine whoo are god?. Many peopel say me stay With DJI eaven People whoo own H or had It before. I had near all model from DJI since Phantom 2. I eaven had Yuneec Q500 but after short time on of propell dont get of after a flight so I send it back to shop and get DJI Phantom 4. It still looks cool this Yuneec H!

  • paul Issus

    Very informative about the actual model, if I can ask a couple of questions. Are drones directed purely by the speed of the rotors & would the Typhoon land with 2 lost motors either manually or auto?

  • Aerial Video Drones

    Yuneec has terrible warrantee support. I had my drone for a day. The ESC failed and it crashed. Yuneec said it was covered under warrantee, great, but the forced me to send to a third party repair center and they didn't repair it properly. Its going back again and so far been a month long process. When I call Yuneec, they tell me one thing on one call then refuse to follow up and I have to call again and they tell me something different. Even their their tech said the way they are treating me is wrong but their policy says they have to respond as they are…Back to buy a DJI. I really wanted to like this drone. I think something bad is happening to the company. Bought the unit brand new in US.

  • Jay Photography

    Very nice drone. Looks portable too. I have a few questions.

    1. What's the difference between the camera on this to the camera on the Mavic Pro?
    2. Is the aperture adjustable?
    3. Is it good for photography and videography?
    4. Can this UAS be used for commercial operations too?
    5. Battery life?
    6. Zoom?
    7. I noticed you wasn't using a cell phone for video feed back, does the TC/RC provide a good video feedback or is it laggy? That does concern me a tad because the Hubsan X4PRO and H501SX4 really did rate bad there.

    I own a number of fixed wings and quads but I'm looking for a more specific drone for environmental photography and filming. I have the Matrice 200 but that's used specifically for filming and nothing else. I 'm still debating on the P4A/P4P or now the TH.

    What's your thoughts? How old is the company that makes these drones, do they have a good reputation, been around longer than DJI?

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