Yuneec Q500 Review, Range Test, & Beginner Tips + Flight video reviewed

In this video I take you on a tour/review of the Yuneec Q500 (go pro model) They are no longer making this exact variation, the new one comes with a camera out of the box and is controllable with the remote, this model can be found on sale and on clearance and is a great option as other than the gimbal they are still manufacturing parts for this drone as they are all the same as the Q500, you could eventually upgrade your camera to the one that is on the Q500 as the camera/gimbal is removable on this drone. We do a tour and review on the ground and then I take you for a flight over our property in some decent wind (2-3mph constant out of the north, gusting to 5mph) We go up to 400ft and out to 1000ft from the controller, which is about the limit for this drone. We discuss wind and land effect on wind and how this will affect your flying and on things you should consider before buying your first drone. In my next video I will review my favourite ‘first drone’ as I believe this should be your second unless your are very wealthy and don’t mind spending potentially 600+ dollars on a stupid mistake. Even if you are rich I still think buying a tiny indoor drone is fun as hell and is a great way to piss your dog and wife off, which is always fun. I can also Review my 180mm custom 3D printed race quadcopter, my flame wheel or converted apprentice airplane into an FPV apprentice hand launched belly lander that I use for long range flights and aerial scouting in the fall for game. Please leave comments below if you would like to see any of these reviews!

This is not a paid endorsement of any kind, I have owned this product for about 8 months and purchased it myself, I have flown it 25 times somewhere between 10-15 hours of flying time on this particular drone.


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