Yuneec Q500 4K Partial Motor Failure Mid Flight.

This is what happens when you start to lose a motor on you Yuneec Q500 4K. Never had to concentrate so hard trying to land the Quad before. Phew! Got her down safely. The motor overheated and kept slowing a speeding back up, raised hell with the control. Yuneec was very cool though, they are replacing all motors promised to get it back to me in 10 days and were right there on the phone when I needed them. DJI sucks compared to the Yuneec people, spent hours trying to get through to DJI in the past with little help. The jello effect was bad due to the motor.


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  • Jorge Ramos

    Thanks.. for the info.. Right now one of the four is getting pretty warm more than the others in the way that you touch all of them and can feel the big different in Temp. just in one of the motors. i think eventually it going to go bad.. ? Right ?

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