Yuneec Q500 4K LiPo Battery issue (not charging)


**The video rating disabled because the video is for educational purposes**

I am giving a general information for people who ran into a similar issue with their battery from Yuneec and what to look for if they were to encounter the issue. LiPo battery are dangerous if they aren’t handle appropriately. I am researching how to properly discharge and dispose of the battery safely.

I love flying the drone and I will be flying my drone more often to help practice my skills and for your enjoyment. Hey, drones are part of aviation, why not include it.

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  • DaNihsel

    Folks, this is in no way to gain attention. The purpose of the video is to help and educate other Yuneec drone fliers or even other drone flies that has ran into a similar issue of why their batteries isn't functioning as should.

  • Ghosttjr2

    my lipo's look and feel swollen there from March 2015, OR is it just air in between the lipo and case? I still have 18-20 minutes flight time till automatic landing.

  • Robin Harrison

    Ok often the reason a lipo battery wont charge is because the charger does not recognize the battery, this can occur if the battery has discharged below a certain point. Get a volt meter and check the current the battery operating at. Solution connect / piggy back the battery with another battery of same voltage value, ideally a spare battery of that type, this should increase the voltage reading on the defective battery. Once the correct voltage or near to is achieved then try charging again, the charger should now see the battery. The swelling or change in shape is quite common and is not an issue unless the battery appears to be leaking. I would suggest using safety goggles when charging faulty / defective batteries, although unlikely the battery could become volatile.

    Hope this helps

  • The Renascense Daily

    ok so the exact same situation is happening to my bater + charger minues the swelling tho? what do you think? they tell me to buy a new charger, i discharged the battery through flight last night.

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