Yuneec Breeze Unboxing, Setup and Flight Testing

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In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew reviews the Breeze selfie drone from Yuneec. The small quadcopter has been specifically developed for new pilots and non-pilots, allowing them to capture an aerial perspective on their own lives using simple, pre-programmed maneuvers. The Breeze is controlled with an Android or iOS device, and in addition to virtual control sticks, it can automatically execute flight modes that include, Selfie, Orbit, Journey and Follow Me, as well as executing a Return-To-Home function. It is able to reliably perform these operations using a sophisticated flight control system which incorporates GPS, an infrared altimeter, an optical flow sensor, as well as accelerometers, gyroscopes and a barometric altimeter. In addition to GPS, the Follow Me mode uses image recognition to help keep the subject in view at all times. With a flying weight a little over one pound, the Breeze must be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration before flying outdoors.


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