Yuneec Breeze Full 4K Video – Unedited Direct From The Drone

This is the raw 4k video you will get from the Yuneec Breeze 4k. There is no stabilization with the 4k and only available if you use the 1080p or 720p video mode. DO NOT buy the Breeze for the 4k because the footage is basically unusable. You could use software to correct this, but it will greatly reduce the quality of the footage.

I shoot all of my videos with the Breeze in the 1080p option. I wanted to post a good video to show you exactly what you’re getting with the 4k without any fancy editing. For $375 you’re getting a very solid built selfie drone that offers excellent 1080p video and 13MP picture quality…

Breeze 4K:
Breeze Props:
Tekton Precision Tool Kit:


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