Yuneec Breeze 4K vs. DJI Spark Altitude Test

Happy 4th of July to all my friends and family.
This was an altitude test using only the smartphone/tablet option out of the box for both the Yuneec Breeze 4K and the DJI Spark both filmed in 1080p…


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  • Dominick Cidoni

    I must ask the question of why would such a sophisticated little Drone like the Spark be limited to only 161 Feet using a smartphone? When the $100 less Breeze tops it by 100 Feet. My theory is that it makes the choice of buying the controller for an additional $199 a must have to open the full capabilities of the Spark. Just my thoughts:)

  • Eric Cohen

    I have The Yuneec Breeze & The Dji Spark and truly like them both. I would not say one is better than the other it comes down to personal preference. This new generation of smaller stable drones makes it easy to take anywhere and requires only minimal setup. Dominick thank you for the very professional comparative videos!!! Very Well Done!!!

  • CxA

    I get a lot of delay/lag between what the camera on the Yuneec Breeze sees and what shows on my phone when flying. Sometimes it is so bad that almost 20 seconds after I have landed, it still shows aerial footage on the phone as if it was still in the air. This means I always have to fly low-to-ground in-sight all the time since I don't trust what it is showing and why I can't try FPV since that isn't the realtime feed. Does anyone else have this problem and is there a solution..?

  • Tux 1

    I like your vids Dominick. I like that they are bite size and to the point, as opposed to other videos on youtube which seem to go on and on. I'm experience with drones but I just bought a Breeze today and came across your vids. Thank you. I notices the Spark is steadier, but the Breeze is brighter and more colorful. This is particularly noticeable when you turned around to the shade sides of the houses. The Spark camera didn't compensate for the difference in lighting and the Breeze looked seamless and remained bright. If my android phone connects fine with the Breeze, I'm going to be very happy. I got it for $299 with the controller. Can't complain too much at that price point.

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