YUNEEC Breeze 4k Quadcopter Selfie Drone Review – It’s Cheap but is it good?

YUNEEC Breeze 4k Selfie Drone Review. It’s a wifi selfie drone that you will probably brake.
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  • Matthew White

    you are making some fun videos! bravo
    I did a different smaller sttarter, it was … interesting … now I have graduated to crashing a dji… hummm
    all the best wishes and requests for more
    GEAR gear gear reviews.. I wonder if Sony will send u a test a9 if you ask nicely? hahaha

  • stefano giovannini

    Isn't the FAA registration different if you want to use it for editorial or commercial assignments? I was looking at the website and the other license seems burdensome (it may require some classes) . I ordered the WIngsland S6 that requires no registration. But Breeze may have better IQ.

  • Jose Chica

    I wouldn't recommend to buy products from Yunnec to anyone. I bought a #breeze4k last Christmas and it's been the worst experience ever. First when we opened the box to try it for the first time it didn't work, there was something wrong with the calibration so we had to send it back to the Yunnec warehouse in California all the way from Colombia (where we live), after they checked it we received an email saying they will take care of it. To be honest I was expecting them to send us a new drone since ours was damaged from the very beginning, instead they "fix it" and send it back to us. After almost one month we got it back and took it with us to our vacations on the beach where we were very excited to finally get to fly it, unfortunately it didn't happen since after 1 minute it lost connection and went straight to the water in the middle of the sea and drown. We wrote again to Yunnec telling them about this situations and they asked us to send it back to their warehouse again, after checking what was the problem they got back to us saying they will replace the damaged one for a new Brezze4K with a new set of batteries. It took almost one month and a half to get it back to us again and what was our surprise when we received another drone that wasn't new but used (by another person) with videos recorded last November (remember we bought ours in December)… it was older than the one we bought at the first place, what was even more shocking is that they didn't even delete this videos and the new set of batteries didn't work. After a few flies (3 at the most) the drone isn't working properly AGAIN and they (Yunnec team) just stopped replying our emails. It is very annoying and frustrating since this was supposed to be a nice gift for my boyfriend and ended up being a complete headache. I want to add that since their guarantee isn't valid outside the US we had to pay every time for shipping back and forth without even caring it was their mistake.

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