Yuneec Breeze 4K – MCHS Drone Flight – 317 Feet – 1080p

For Christmas this year, my wife purchased this drone for me because she knew how much I enjoyed flying around the previous Protocol drone I had reviewed. Although the Protocol was an excellent drone choice for the price range of only $79.99, I needed something with a little more advanced features and decided to look toward something like the DJ Phantom, but did’nt really enjoy the size and weight. So my wife decided to compromise and purchase this litte gem in hopes that it would fulfill my needs, and I couldn’t be happier. This little drone has all of the advanced features someone would want or need in order to take fantastic and breathtaking aerial footage along with some awesome and clear photos. The Breeze has a maxium altitude of 262.5 feet and max distance of 328.1feet. But after a height test I got it to about 317 feet before loosing the wifi signal between my iphone 7 plus and the drone. It hovered for about 1 minute before returning succesfully to it’s take-off point around 3 feet away from the mark. This is important because if you launch close to a structure, upon return it could put it into the side of that structure, hitting the stop button gives you back full control.

Flying the drone is a breeze, maybe that’s where the name came from:) My 8 year old without any experience what so ever, flew this with ease, in an open field of course. I flew it around the yard and it responded perfectly to each command using the free Breeze Cam app available on IOS and Android. I have been visiting Buffalo with family this Christmas and tried a test flight here with 12 mph winds and up to 33 mph gusts. I let it hover only and did not attempt a flight but it drifted very little and held up like a champ about 2.6 feet above the ground. Updating the firmware if available can be done through the same app and upon opening the package, there was an update ready for download. It took around 10 minutes of extra time before attempting to fly the drone.

You will need to calibrate the drone as well for your location in order to get the best results, and this takes an additional 5 minutes. ‚ÄčIn the package you will find 2 batteries, 4 propeller protectors, charger, power cable and data transfer cable to plug into the drone and retrieve your photos and videos. After a flight I can tell you the battery lasts for about 10-12 minutes depending on usage, such as recording time and so forth. Charging the battery takes around 45 minutes.

In my opinion the price of $499.00 seems kind of steep for the Breeze, and would like to see it listed around $399.00 without having to be on sale. Most people will move more toward the DJ Phantom 3 for the same price. My wife was lucky enough to get it on sale for $379.00 at Best Buy which is a great price point I can live with for what you get. The Breeze is ultra portable and for this reason, it fits my needs very well. If you have a Breeze and would like to leave your comments and thoughts, please feel free to add them below and give potential buyers a little more insight into your own experience with this drone. I will update more flight videos of the Breeze as they become available.

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