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To get your Yuneec Breeze ready to fly, first make sure your drone and mobile device are fully charged. Start in an open space until you familiarize yourself with how the Breeze will respond to your commands. Take Breeze out of the case and open the landing gear under the propellers. Launch the Breeze app on your mobile device and turn on the drone. Next, calibrate the compass by choosing that option under the drone settings menu. Follow the onscreen instructions for how to rotate the drone to complete the calibration process. You’ll get a more successful calibration if you perform these rotations slowly. Place the Breeze about 13 feet away, with the camera facing you. Select Selfie mode and hit Take Off. The drone will rise 3 feet in the air and wait for more instructions. Adjusting the position of the Breeze is accomplished by using the height and distance sliders on the Breeze cam app. If you want to point the camera downward, select the camera pitch slider. The camera position slider will cause the Breeze to orbit around you. If you want to fine-tune the movement, you can use the yaw trim sliders. Once you have a frame you like, smile and take a picture. This is a good time to try out some of the other modes. In Journey mode, the Breeze will fly away to a distance you have preset, and return back to its original start point location. Orbit mode allows you to set the Breeze to circle around its point of launch, or you can make it fly around a predetermined object. Follow Me mode will have the Breeze track you with its camera, and follow you based on GPS coordinates. This is perfect for having the Breeze keep alongside you while you ride your bike, go for a hike, or follow you for that cool trick at the skate park. Breeze’s Pilot mode gives you the most control over your drone. You’ll use the arrow pads to mimic joysticks. The left set controls the altitude and rotation. The right set of arrows controls the lateral movement of the Breeze, forward, back, left, and right. You can also use your mobile device to control Breeze by pressing and holding the accelerometer button. This will let you control the Breeze simply by tilting your device. Letting go of the button will make the Breeze stop and hold its position, waiting for your next command. Landing the Breeze is pretty simple. Tap on the Land button, and the Breeze will come down softly right where it’s at. Or you can bring it back to the starting location by touching the Home button in the lower left corner. Okay, now that you’ve learned more about taking your first flight with the Yuneec Breeze Quadcopter including how the modes work, you can check out our other Yuneec Breeze videos if you’d like more information on getting started, assembly, and camera settings. Go on out, have some fun, shoot great footage, and fly safe with your Yuneec Breeze Quadcopter.


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