WHICH DRONE SHOULD I BUY? DJI Spark? DJI Mavic? DJI Phantom? Yuneec Typhoon H?

I am often asked the question “what camera drone should I buy?” I usually ask what the drone will be used for and most times I get the response “I want to look at the roof on my house.” Why would anyone speed $1000 for a drone to look at their roof???? That response tells me that the person doesn’t have a clue why they want a drone which then makes it impossible to suggest one. In this video I cover the very basic features of the most popular consumer hobby drones on the market today and how they are different. Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone considering buying their first drone.

Buy your MAVIC PRO here: http://click.dji.com/AKIR3U5pOIgZBHlQnOWu?pm=link&as=0002
Buy your SPARK here: http://click.dji.com/ABRw0Oeakyjm99KjN0VR?pm=link&as=0001

Buy your Typhoon H here: http://us.yuneec.com/typhoon-h-rtf-s-color-box


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  • Gary Mayo

    I own a Typhoon H Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, and a Inspire 1 Ver 2.0. The best of the lot is the Typhoon H for fun and safe to fly. Hands down. There are 5000+ combos of phones and tablets you can saddle up to the DJI products and the firmware is very complex trying to sort all that out. You will have a different experience from others because of the phone or tablet you use, a major down side. The only one with a 100% complete ground station is the Typhoon H or the DJI with built in screen. The majority of functions are on the screen of the DJI, and the majority of controls are on the controller of the Typhoon, making the Typhoon much more professional and easier to use. The Typhoon H has a built in glare screen, the DJI products do not. The Typhoon has 6 motors. Lose a prop or a motor, and it does not crash. Lose a prop on a DJI product, and the crash will kill the bird. Unless you need to do complex mapping, the Typhoon H Pro is far superior to anything else under two grand, period!

  • Gary Mayo

    I know something about landing the Typhoon H you are most likely not aware of. It has an auto landing feature. I have no idea why the company does not tell dealers and owners of this, but it is great if you know how to use it. Do not push and hold red button in a hover above 1 meter or 3 feet. At 3 feet in a hover about to land, just push and hold the red button, and the Typhoon H self lands, without hopping or moving about. At touch down it lowers motor speed to idle, and then turns off at 3 seconds. https://youtu.be/tBr65QxYMfk

  • Raven FPV

    As far as the Spark goes. Always go for the fly more combo with the controller. Dji aren't good on instructions & forget to say that some functions are unavailable on the Android system. Gimbal control is available only on Iphone systems for instance. The control overall by using a mobile device is more difficult & lacks the range obviously than if you use the spark controller. Hopefully firmware will solve some issues.


    Very very nice constroctive video loved it i learned alot ..i subcribed and liked …my videos are not even close to yours but look at them please so you can help me O and subscribe please …THANK YOU

  • Phil Dawe

    great video. and well communicated. thanks for making it! im struggling between getting a p4p or the mavic. id like to monetize some filming with random projects for businesses, yet i plan on going overseas for a holiday. wondering if i would be kicking myself for lugging around the larger p4p if i took it hiking in interesting places. or if the better camera would make it all worth it (im sure id get more jobs by having it)

  • Bob and the Drone

    Excellent video and very informative. I have the Phantom 3 Pro and I like it very much. So far I will stick with it because obstacle avoidance at 200' is not worth upgrading to the Phantom 4 (although the camera and flight modes are upgraded also).
    Thanks again Capitan.

  • piahsc klasc

    Pretty detailed and concise report, thank you Captain Drone for your review.

    In regards to the Typhoon H, something that I'd like to know is if the Intel Real Sense Typhoon H edition is worth getting. Have you tested this version of the Typhoon H?

    For the record, I have never flown any of these drones (wasn't interested in getting one until now) and I haven't been able to find a good review regarding this Real Sense Technology to justify the price change.

  • Paul Harding

    I bought my first drone…..a mavic 2 weeks ago and it has not been off the ground yet.
    the Go4 App will not connect.
    DJI customer help is pathetic. Seems i just spent i $1300 on a paperweight with propellers. 😢

  • Joshua Nagel

    I've flown the Typhoon H Pro, but now I'm considering owning a Mavic Pro. You loose flight stability, camera functions and a tiny bit of top speed, but you gain A BETTER CAMERA, way way way way way more portable than the Typhoon H and it's still "decent" to fly outside, take on 20-25km/pH winds…

    the Typhoon H is huge, but it's still the same camera quality at the Yuneec Typhoon Q500. 4K.

    If your going nuts over camera quality and you don't mind loosing comfortable quick easy portability, as well as paying more money, and owning a drone that looks like it's from a Toy Store, then the Phantom 4 is for you.

    spark is gay is everyway possible. I could only imagine high school girls using that.

  • CCScott

    You do an excellent job on your channel. Thank you for all of the great drone info. Still trying to pick my third drone 😀(I'm really leaning towards that Typhoon H.. The price has really come down!! )

  • Piggus

    I have a Typhoon H that I got for about $350 via price error on Amazon. Woo! I haven't had it for very long, but I HIGHLY recommend a set of ND filters for it. Using the manual camera settings with an ND filter (Captain Drone has a video on this for more info) substantially improves video and picture quality.

  • Alexander Rex Evensen

    Nice video, but I kinda have my mind set on a Yuneec drone, cause of they seem more like what I am after, and if I want a drone, I'll have to save longer to get a DJI. I'm pondering about wether to go for the Typhoon H or Q500 4K. It would be very interesting to download a raw file from the Yuneec drones, just to have a look at the file and how things look. I've been photographing and I only use raw files, for a long time now, and been doing video a lot as well the last couple of years (I use two Samsung NX1 bodies).

  • Ron Donson

    Good job, Cap'n! For those who haven't flown before one thing to consider is buying a $50 or so drone first and learn how to fly it. It will reduce the waterfall of tears if you were to crash one of these due to pilot error.

    Depending on how long you may keep your drone you may want to look at advanced features that can be added later. For example, adding the Intel RealSense module for the Typhoon H.

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