What Are the Best Mapping Apps and Data Platforms?

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02:52 – Today we talk about mapping apps and data platforms
04:05 – What are the pros and cons of using PrecisionHawk?
04:28 – Can you map large areas through Pix4D capture?
05:13 – What are some of the alternatives to PrecisionHawk for mapping missions?
05:40 – Which data platforms can you use for cross hatching missions?
06:13 – What are the benefits of using Yuneec Typhoon H520 and its DataPilot software over Pix4Dcapture? Find out why the resulting JPEG imagery is of superior quality
07:13 – We talk about the benefits of using DroneDeploy for doing NDVI. Find out why DroneDeploy scores over Pix4D as far as client deliverables are concerned
08:55 – Is Maps Made Easy a good alternative to Pix4D capture?
09:41 – Why is PrecisionHawk the best solution is you are catering to high level clients?
11:00 – Is the Yuneec Typhoon H520 a better alternative to Phantom Pro for mapping missions?
12:07 – We discuss SiteScan and its perimeter scan function for oblique and orbit imagery. Can you use Ground Station Pro’s orbit mode and vertical mode instead?


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