Long flight time waterproof hexacopter frame review


The hexacopter frame YD6-1600S comes with many great features.
Its one-time forming carbon fiber reduces weight while still keep the stiffness,which makes it stronger and lighter for long time(up to 60 minutes) flying tasks.
For instance,equipped with a small camera like Gopro,the firefighter is able to monitor the fire scene for a long time which is crucial for the fire fighting.
Also you might use it for 3D mapping and other long time aerial photography tasks.

Furthermore,with a glass fiber canopy,the GPS signal will not be blocked.Its detachable frame arm makes YD6-1600S very easy to carry and easy for maintenance.

Another very useful feature is its waterproofness and dustproofness,which enable the drone to fly under most weather conditions,like rainy days.In this case,
it is an idea tool for police security monitoring,fire fighting,emergency research and rescue.

1)6 axis,1600mm axle diameter
2)12KG payload capability
3)60 minutes flight time(no payload)
4)Frame weight:2.5KG
5)Motor capatible:T-Motor U8,U10 series
6)Max propeller size:28 inch
7)Battery compatible:1pcs 22.2V 30000mah or 2pcs 22000mah lipo battery
8)Completely waterproof and dustproof

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