How To Pick Still Photo Resolution on the Yuneec CGO 3 / CGO3+ Cameras – Yuneec Typhoon H / Q500 4K

How To Pick Your Still Photo Resolution on the Yuneec CGO 3 / CGO3+ Cameras – Yuneec Typhoon H / Q500 4K Camera Settings

Have you ever tried to shoot a still photo on your Yuneec CGO3 and CGO3 plus cameras for the Typhoon H and Q500 4K, only to find out the still image resolution wasn’t what you expected?

The CGO3 and CGO3+ cameras have an odd relationship between the video settings selection and the video / camera toggle switch that affect the size and even the shape of your still images.

In this video I explain how to manage your Yuneec camera settings to get the specific photo resolution you want from your still shots.



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