Follow Me: Into a tree (Yuneec Breeze 4k)

Well, I’ve been a bit stupid. I had read the manual of the Yuneec Breeze Drone, which said that you should have like _plenty_ space around the drone when using follow me or selfie modes. I wanted to try it around the school house, no matter if there were trees around. Apparently, the trees affect the GPS reception, so the drone suddenly thought that I jumped a couple 10m to the side – so it followed: into a tree. Bummer.
Luckily, it survived the crash with a few scratches, and still flies well (as you can see with a beautiful view at the swiss alps). Please do not use follow-me or selfie modes with obstacles in the way. The drone might just decide to commit suicide and fly into it.

This time I made the music myself by clicking around in Garage Band. If you like to use it in some of your videos, just comment here, I’ll mail the mp3 to you.


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