Fly Away and Massive Drone Crash – Yuneec Typhoon H

This is part of the video story for my Drone crash that destroyed my Brand new Yuneec Typhoon H. First I have to say this video is not intended to disparage the product. Since this event I have finally got a working product and it fantastic to fly.

In the mean time. This video will show the recovered video from the controller of the flight itself just prior to the crash. After the recovery of the drone, I show video of the after math. I was not able to record the recovery as it was dark and we were cut with collapsed barb wire fences and millions of bug bites. But you will get an idea of the end result.

This is part of a play list that shows a number of issues with the Yuneec Typhoon H. Ultimately Yuneec Customer service resolved all the issues. They were really easy to deal with and there was no drama with them. They didn’t hesitate with the full new replacement when they saw my Telem files.

The entire event took me over 3 months of swapping units back and forth with Yuneec. At the end of the day a few junk versions of firmware they put out to the public was the root cause of at least the issues I had after the first swap where the compass errors started before flight. So maybe don’t hold it all against Yuneec, they were trying really hard to resolve this and at the end of the day they did.


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