First Look: Flying Drones with the Brother AirScouter WD-300c

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In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew reviews the Brother AirScouter WD-300c, a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) that allows drone pilots to maintain visual line of sight (VLOS) with their aircraft while simultaneously having access to video and telemetry. Set to be released in November, the WD-300c accepts video from any device with an HDMI output, including drones built by DJI and Yuneec. It is powered through a micro-USB connector by cell phone battery chargers, allowing for indefinite operation. It also comes with interchangeable limbs, allowing it to be used by pilots who are either right-eye or left-eye dominant. The crew demonstrates how to determine your own eye dominance, before taking the AirScouter into the field to test with the Yuneec Typhoon H. The screen is clear and bright, even in full sunlight.


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