EV-Peak D1 Balancing Lipo Battery Charger for Yuneec Typhoon G / Q500 batteries

Balancing charger for lithium polymer batteries used by the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4k quadcopter (same battery also used for Typhoon G and Typhoon Q500+)

The EV-Peak D1 is capable of charging and balancing two batteries at the same time. Also charges the Yuneec ST10+ transmitter battery. Two color TFT LCD screens display charge time, cell voltage, and percentage/charge mAh.


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  • Morningside Sanitarium

    Thanks for posting. Wasn't sure if it ever actually reached 100% since mine seemed to hang at 99. I just had to go out and pick one of these up since the default charger was never showing a full charge on one of my batteries. Flashing red constantly. Apparently from allowing it to discharge "completely" which we sort of did but had no idea it was a bad thing to do. Wanted to test how long until the batt stopped the copter. Allowed it to cool, then charged it (or so I thought). Came back to it 3 hours later and still flashing red but the charger itself was hot. Put the batt in the copter and it showed around 12.4 volts. Picked up this charger, and it seems to show proper performance. Just got it today but I'm loving it so far! Just waiting for the wind to die down to fly some more today!

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