EMAX BABYHAWK Review – Micro Brushless FPV Race Drone

Enjoy my full review of the Emax BabyHawk. Get it here: https://goo.gl/Pru6CD Mricro FrSky RX: https://goo.gl/dCBjjc
FPV Goggles: https://goo.gl/tFL1uu
Taranis Controller: https://goo.gl/3oTt8C
Limited Time Summer Sale: https://goo.gl/nrouGZ

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  • Big drone flyer77

    always awesome reviews brother.gave you a shout out on my Instagram page. thanks for the awesome work you do Dustin.means a lot to all of us.
    And still digging the intro bro๐Ÿ‘Cheers and happy flying!

  • Robert Hipp

    Always enjoy the reviews brother! Most people fly the baby hawk on 350 – 450 2s with the 350 being about the perfect weight to thrust ratio. That's what I fly mine on.๐Ÿ™‚ No LVC you have to add your own buzzer and configure it in beta flight.

  • The Dane

    you can make a New frame design the guts in it is the same as flight test gremlinpowerpack as what goes with the jello i softmounted my cameracase a little pidtuning an that took care of that plus if you want (Need) more power you can upgrades the esc to the emaxx 12amp then it Will love 3s an 4s packs like a cat on catnip Hope it whas helpful an feed flying
    from denmark with love

  • me shkruaj

    Great review as always.

    What keeps me purchasing one of this for indoor is … which one ?

    Kingkong gt90
    Eachine Lizard 95 ?

    I never had a brushless FPV quad

    Any suggestion ?

  • ken s

    can i bind a flysky transmitter to futaba receiver?
    im thinking abt buying the kingkong 130 gt with the futaba receiver, but i dont know if it will work..
    first time buying a quadcopter haha

  • John Jenkins

    NOW THAT WAS EXTREMELY ENTERTAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
    A+++++++++++THE REVIEW:)
    2S 800ma, AND 3S 500ma FPV
    BTW, Maybe the BIRDS Knew it was a Baby HAWK, and wanted to Take it out Before It Had a Chance to Grow UP!!!! Haha:)

    I've also been wanting to ask you which bind and fly, or ARF brushless micro would you recommend for flying indoors and Outdoors leaving the prop guards on most of the time???
    I have a few brushed, but LOVE BRUSHLESS:)
    I don't mind if the Guards screw on like they do in this review. I'm looking for a brushless micro Mainly for those rainy days, or flights in the House an yard due to getting off work late with the old FPV ITCH.
    I was thinking about the BABY HAWK, The New King Kong 95 GT, or the DYS Elf 83 Micro??
    those (Seem) to be the Best Micro quad's on the market at the moment.

    Thank you!!!!

    John Jenkins

  • Tim D Barnett

    Hey Dustin, this looks like an awesome little quad for FPV, just what I have been waiting for. Those 2S 800mAh batts do look a bit heavy but it looks to handle them ok. I have a lot of 500mAh 2S batts I use on my 800mm 3D foamie planes and they are about half the size of the 800's you are using so that is what I think I would use. I think this is my next quad purchase, thanks to your awesome review. Thanks for what you do, man! And thanks for the little Syma/Tenergy X20 giveaway, I guess I did everything right, they are sending mine and I can't wait to fly it. You're the best! Aloha!!!

  • Juan Fischer

    looking at this and the lizard 95, im a begginer and im on a budget. I have a tiny whoop that I can fly aound the house pretty well. which quad do u think would be easier to use and upgrade in the future? and which is better value for money (considering that neww bee drone has a babyhawk with 2 bats and a reciever for 99.99) thanks!

  • Dan P FPV


    Your channel was one of the first things I watched for drones. I now have a s500 pixhawk build, a babyhawk with taco rc carbon fibre, a diatone crusader gt2, a rakonheli framed e010s, 2 Syma X5c's and 2 X8c's.

    I blame you. LOL

  • Denny

    Hi Dustin I use a rubber band for mounting the battery on my Baby hawk without any vibrations on 3s, I hook the rubber band around the camera stand from left to right or right to left pushing the fc board down against the foam pad. Ohh and an amazing motor upgrade are the DYS 1104 4000kv the baby hawk will flip trip 3s like wow.

  • Edgewalker001

    This might be an option, it's brushless of course which as you've said might not be the best choice for a novice like me but maybe if I put some ballast on it in the form of a heavier battery like you did? XD
    It would also be a valuable learning experience to solder on my own receiver, since I haven't done much electronics work since highschool.
    And it's FrSky compatible out of the box… Provided you add the right receiver that is =p
    There seems to be a ton of mini receivers for FrSky but none that's just labeled "Micro RX", there is one called the XM plus but that one lacks telemetry.
    This one also sports that friendly red battery connector which means you can stick most 2S models into it straight out of the charger with no swapping plugs, which I immediately love the idea of.

    And finally, if I pick this model I can buy the drone, any spare parts, the receiver, goggles and the Tx inside the EU with no toll or VAT troubles at all. As long as noone is dropshipping at least… I hate when they do that…

    Edit: holy crap, you get some serious flight time out of that battery also 0.o
    The EU version of this one seems to come with a cloverleaf antenna for the FPV link instead of the monopole on that one, not sure what difference that would make.

  • Alan Savage

    Excellent review / flight Dustin!! I picked up the Babyhawk back in July at Flite Fest East. I have the Taranis QX7 like you do & when I go into Betaflight & click the receiver tab, the colored bars that are on there disappear after a second or 2. What could cause this? Thanks in advance

  • cyril gest

    hey, i have one, but there is problem, when i put the full power the drone make a flip and stop to go. after the flip it's very difficult tonot crash. do you know what can be resolv this problem?
    thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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