DroningON | Wingsland X1 FPV Racing Drone Review, Unboxing & Flight Test

Wingsland have just launched a brand new FPV drone called the X1 (http://bit.ly/2m21huz) and we’re the first to officially review it! Priced cheaply too, this drone features optical flow and is ideal for first-time pilots, but it isn’t to be mistaken for a true ‘racing’ drone.

|– https://www.droningon.co/2017/11/07/wingsland-x1-fpv-racing-drone-unboxing-flight-test-review/

|– Wingsland X1 Drone: http://bit.ly/2m21huz

00:23 – Wingsland X1 Introduction
00:47 – Wingsland X1 Unboxing
05:12 – Wingsland X1 Accessories
06:04 – Wingsland X1 Battery Charging
07:04 – Wingsland X1 App Download/Install
08:58 – Wingsland X1 Outdoor Flight Test
15:58 – Wingsland X1 Fail-Safe Test
16:27 – Wingsland X1 Tilt/Gyro Test
17:37 – Wingsland X1 Range Test
18:52 – Wingsland X1 Indoor Flight Test
23:11 – Wingsland X1 Summary (Positives/Negatives)
24:13 – Wingsland X1 Closing Comments


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  • wolf11

    So that's what Optical flow looks like when it works wow I've never seen it work in my life before ever this is supposed to be what the Kudrone was supposed to be doing unfortunately we know the story on that it's actually pretty neat drone I'm pretty impressed by it

    In all honesty I still think my favorite is a jme drone but this one is actually pretty..

    And I really feel that wingsland is going to hit the market on this one because this one could be ahead I mean it works unlike the other one which was you know garbage so yeah I'm really impressed the optical flow actually works it's amazing it doesn't drift doesn't hit you in the face and I like the prop guards cuz those are actual prop guards I mean those are real proper cards you know compared to the kudrone drone which That was supposed to have all this and more and in fact it shows it underneath.

    So this definitely might be worth something picking up you know because it does work you know it's a great flyer I like the way it breaks when you let off the controller that's a really cool I've never seen that done before.

    The video is actually not bad for the quality you get so yeah so really nice review and yeah I'm pretty shocked at wingsland finally got it right I guess the second time is the charm.

    And I also will say the hobby while is a great company of order from them in the past and I've never had a problem with them they're very nice people they send out tracking immediately and he don't have to be us but then we have a problem the immediately take care of you so that's a really good feature of them which I like a lot so thank God the same gearbest or some other company which I don't like but hobby wow good company to sell this for sure.

    One thing I'm not a fan of is a course the battery and of course you have to do what you have to do like it in the video and there's no power button so that really sucks but like I said for 115 you are definitely getting your money's worth…

  • Tech Nav

    Great review. I also reviewed the S6 and I wasn’t impressed with the video side of things. However, build quality is on par with DJI. You have an awesome channel.

  • Olli Garch

    When u said WiFi FPV I lost interest. I had that on the first quad I bought and it’s useless because of the latency. Maybe the technology is better now I’m hoping but as far as I’m concerned 5.8 is the only way to go. Also is it possible to put a FRSKY receiver in it? It’s a nice looking little quad but also the propriety battery and the way it charges is another draw back for me. I would order this drone now if not for these things. Thanks for the video

  • Margot Copeland

    This is, even to the proprietary battery, a Parrot Minidrone…optical sensor, frame and motors, usb port/charger. They also have the "braking" effect"…same motor sound too. I'll have to check the Parrot site for their new FPV Minidrone (I'd like to see if they have the ultrasonic sensor and have gone to wifi. I love my little Parrots…hmmm…either there's some agreement, or we know their mfg partner.

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