Drone Crash Whats Wrong with the Replacement? Yuneec Typhoon H

So I have recorded and distilled this video to show the key points of the issues without showing you each and every thing that was done to test it (Its super boring). It ultimately took over three months to get a unit that would leave the ground. Turns out it was all crappy software Yuneec made but they subjected many of us to lots of pain in the process.

In this video you will see continued GPS and Compass errors that start right after the motors are started. Prior to this version of the firmware, the compass errors would start as soon as the unit was powered on. Yuneec Customer service always helped out, and after 5 full replacement units and a few replaced parts I did I myself (like the compass) – they all worked exactly the same crappy way until the latest version must updated version 2.x software. Version 30 brought the Toilet Bowl effect back, and I have not tried version 3.01 as the weather here is too cold to fly it within operating parameters.

At the end of the day ALL the issues turned out to be crappy software that took me 3 months of testing to get to the bottom off. Version 3.0 software largely works and reports on version 3.01 are claiming that it works better and fixed some bugs introduced in version 3.0.

Software platform version 3.0 has been stable enough to fly and no crashes with it. Any issues that have caused me concern announce themselves with enough time to land safe. Yuneec may end up with good software in January 2017 when a planned significant upgrade will introduce new features and resolutions to this issues some users have found.

Its important to note that the VAST MAJORITY of users don’t have any issues. Seems to be an significantly isolated group of us.


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  • Airtography

    Could certainly be the firmware upgrade, however I noticed you were quite close to fence posts which can interfere with your compass calibration. The last point about GPS being on or off and results on the position seems to be an ultimate tell-tale that something isn't right with the firmware. Have you tried upgrading your firmware again with an application cache clearing (via android application settings / clear cache) before anything else? Is it bound correctly (I've learned that sometimes it will bind — PARTIALLY — meaning that all looks good but you get strange stuff). I would call Yuneec and have them walk through all the steps to reload the firmware, clear caches, re-bind, re-calibrate and test) with them on the phone. I've gone through this process with them and they are quite helpful and will spend the time needed to resolve. One last question — is this a 1st release version? Did you purchase as a pre-order and receive it in May/June? Many suspect that the first H's have different component versions that may an issue with recent firmware upgrades. Good luck with it. Would like to see what happens in this story. Will subscribe


    this video came for me right on spot. I just finished an email to Yuneec reporting the exact same problems. The strange thing is that my H, arrived only two weeks ago, which i assume has all updates on firmware. Unless am wrong? My only guess being an amateur is that this is caused by a faulty compass on board the craft? or is that a silly guess? I sure do hope i get a reply soon from Yuneec, i suggested a replacement, but then again, if it does not really change anything, why ship back and forth? Been flying the Q500 4K since August, so happy with it, had a compass calibration back then, never needed another one. This time with H, thats all i do, repeating calibration, with no results. Bit frustrated to say the least…Nice video my friend, keep it up…

  • Gold West

    hi all…ok so i explain the problem i had befir a massive crash…i bought the drone in june 2017 everything was going well…til i traveled 6000 miles away from home where i only used the drone (same area)…once there i tried to use my drone…after power on i got an usual and the very 1st time i saw that a purple and orange led 2 orange flash 1 purple….tried to calibrate the compass again like 10 times without success…after that i changed location for like a mile away and tried it again…after 4 tries to calibrate the compass it was like usual purple led…but 5s after i take off… the drone went crazy and flew away straight line to the left and i couldnt take control of it then suddenly changed direction when i pressed return to home to crash on the wall now it has been totally destroyed…could you tell me what is wrong pls ty…

  • DroneWolf Media

    Crazy that it took so many replacements…. Not sure I'd been quite as patient with this company as you were, but glad it all worked out in the end!
    I know this is an old video, but was just wondering are you still flying a Yuneec product or have you switched brands?

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