DJI Spark vs J ME drone – Comparison review – Which is better?

This video shows a side by side comparison of the J.ME and DJI spark drones. Let’s compare their features and performance.

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  • ThaiboxerRM

    Not same price of spark, you can buy it for 340 EUR on banggood.
    You have some adesive rubber to put under the battery and you can always land it on your palm so…
    To look at remaining battery just press ONCE the power button without taking over it from the drone body…
    You did reviews without even using it deeply dude?

  • Roma Maastricht

    The Spark has way better stable footage. The Spark is in the air within a minute; the J.ME will take you at least 3 minutes. J.ME has obstacle avoidance which (till recently) only works inside; the Sparks abstacle avoidance works right out of the box. Software of the Spark is more polished and different modes work. I own a J.ME (gold-version) myself and remain annoyed by the jaw movement. It ruins cinematic footage. I wished I had spend a little more money and got me the Spark.

  • wolf11

    Yeah but the jme has the ability to have what they call smart app which means it tells you what the buttons are on the controller on the phone which for me is a benefit because I have some brain issues and I forget and to me that's the benefit I wish the spark had that but it doesn't

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