DJI inspire 2pro – in the field PREVIEW

Getting to know the new DJI inspire 2 with X5s camera
The new i2pro is without a doubt setting the NEW standard for portable cine grade flying video systems.
For the money the inspire2 is unbeatable value. you can get into the aircraft kinda inexpensively, and then start adding SSD storage for shooting 4.2Gbps 5.2K video later on.
the standard out of the box camera system maxes out recording 4K up to 100 mbps onto microSD, but have the ports and ALL the requirements to later shoot CineDNG

Products in this video
DJI inspire 2pro X4s cam
DJI inspire 2pro X5s cam

DJI Phantom 4
DJI Inspire w x3 camera
Autel xStar Premium
Yuneec Hpro


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