This is a Complete Review of my Leiftech eSnowBoard. Some call my Leiftech a freebord with a motor or a motorized freebord. Some call it an eSnowboard or electric freebord. Either way, I wanted to do a full breakdown on my experiences over the last 6 months with my Leiftech electric skateboard.

Please note that these are my opinions based solely on my experiences with my Leiftech board. This video does not reflect the experience other riders may have.

I am not affiliated with Leiftech.

(I purchased the Leiftech eSnowboard online like most customers.)

I hope you enjoy the video. If you liked it, please hit that thumbs-up button as it helps me out. Any positive feedback helps.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave it in the comment section below. Also, if you have the Leiftech board or any other electric skateboard / longboard like the Boosted , Evolve Carbon GT , Inboard , Yuneec , ZBoard , Leafboard , Stary , Marbel , Blink , etc. please also feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your feedback on your board and how you think it compares to the Leiftech board.

—– Leiftech eSnowboard —–

(USA Link)

—– The Video Timeline —–

** 0:14 – Introduction

1:22 – What’s it like to Ride
3:47 – Connecting the battery and remote
5:12 – How to Start the Board
6:14 – Actual Riding
6:44 – Sliding and Breaking
7:28 – Going Up Hills

Tip: Start on flat ground. Starting on hills is very difficult.

8:10 – Where to Ride
8:53 – Types of Road
9:54 – Things to check before you buy
10:21 – Battery Life

Tip: Do not keep your batteries connected to the board when not in use. I’ve left a full battery connected overnight and it has completely drained the battery. I recommend disconnecting the battery between uses.

10:56 – Flight Restrictions with the board/battery
11:15 – Weight
11:43 – Water Resistance

** 12:45 – Board Maintenance

13:29 – My Tools

** 16:04 – Support

** 19:24 – My Final Thoughts

—– Tools Required for my own maintenance —–

Allen Keys / Hex Tools :
– 1/16″ (small pulley set screw)
– 3/32″ (large pulley set screw)
– 2mm (timing belt cover)
– 2.5mm (motor bolts)
– 3.0mm (M5 motor mount bolts)
– 4.0mm (M6 bolts on top of deck)

– Phillips screwdriver (truck bolts & binding bolts)
– Tiny screwdriver (remove control)

– 7mm ratcheting wrench (pivoting head if possible) (top cover lag bolts)

– 8mm straight ratcheting wrench11 – M5 nuts on trucks and motor mounts

– Loctite 243 Thread Locker (Pulleys)

(Note: I initially bought the Loctite 243 Blue Thread Locker but the more pulleys were still slipping. After discussing more with the Leiftech Forum, we found that the 3M Thread Locker worked a lot better.)

– 3M TL42 threadlocker (Pulleys)
– Soldering Iron (Pulleys)
– Super Glue (Pulleys)
– Dielectric Grease (Center Drive Wheel Caster System)

– Pliers

—- My Recommended Tools/Accessories —-

– Board Protector (Trim-Lok – Aluminum Edge Trim for Board)
(USA Link)

– Board Roller Bag – Hideo Wakamatsu Dolphin
(Japan Link)

– Hex tools 1 – Bondhus GorillaGrip Set of 9 Hex Fold-up Keys
(USA Link)

– Hex tools 2 – Bondhus – Set of 8 Hex T-handles (sizes 2-10mm)
(USA Link)

– Battery Cover Velcro – 3M Dual Lock Fastener
(USA Link)

—– Leif Technologies Rider Forum —–

—– Other Leiftech Videos —–

– Riding in Tokyo (First Impression)

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– My Call with Leiftech

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—– For more info about me —–

– Facebook:
– Twitter:

– Instagram:

—– My Film Gear —–

– Canon 80d w/ Lens (Standard) – Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6
(USA Link)

– Rode Videomicro Microphone
(USA Link)

– Go Pro Hero 5:
(USA Link)

– For a complete list of my gear:


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  • John Mouzakitis

    Paolo, I think you are over criticizing the board. I have been riding the Lief board for months in NYC and have had no issues. It's been a smooth ride and it's super fun to do tricks!

  • Jason OYang

    good to know this is the kind of customer service that comes with a $1600+ board. I would have considered it if they had better customer service but now its clear the product still needs refinement as parts dont last.

  • Mylifeisa Joke

    Great review. They probably would have been better off leaving you alone than ganging up and trying to bullying you into receded what i thought was a fair and impartial review. integrity can't be bought.

  • Louder

    I'm really looking forward to getting mine at some point in the near future. Sounds like you maybe didn't have any experience with skateboards in any form in the past, not even having the most basic skate tools and all and jumping into a brand new product that wasn't market tested. Complaining about wet motor bearings seems rather odd? Any bearings ever need cleaning if you go through water or get wet, thats pretty basic. It's kind of like buying a car and driving it round for 6 months without ever servicing it, cleaning it or taking care of it.

    I feel Leif have been pretty good to you but each to their own I guess. I've never had a company video call me, send me free parts for a product that I am not maintaining or taking care of etc.

    The big question for me is, do you regret your purchase?

  • Rod Madlang

    I honestly wanna buy this EBOARD right about now, good thing I watched your entire video and what I realize that the Maintenance sucks like I was pump at first to buy this but when I got to the point of your Maintenance problem you make me doubt getting one. This is the best review video that I saw so far. Thank you.

  • Michael Bathan

    I'm glad I watched this. I've been considering getting one, but I hate poor support and companies that don't take care of their customers. Great idea but I think I'll wait for a better version or different board. Thanks for the review.

  • lean A

    Thanks! I was one click away on buying this but luckily I found this video. I'm not about to deal with that shit support lmao… Good tech but shitty company i guess

  • J. C. Goodwin

    Man, I don't even really care how good the customer service is. I'm not going to put that much time into maintenance of the board…and all the extra tools it takes!!?? No thanks, like I said it would be great on super smooth surfaces but 99% of the streets & sidewalks aren't that.

  • ronnie mori

    very interesting e-board, however the maintenance that it needs is a let-down…might as well get a new e board…i have an Evolve Bamboo GT, I got it last Feb. (never had an issue as of this writing)….I only have the 'unboxing vid' and 'riding vid' of the e-board on my channel…you can check it out if you have time…

  • Georg Zinsler

    Hey Paolo, what a great review! I just got me a brand new leif board a week ago. I also own an evolve bamboo gt and I have to say the leif is so much more fun to ride, I simply love it.
    Unfortunately after only two times riding one of the center wheels has started doing some weird clicking sound and I am afraid I will get to the point of endless maintenance that you described. You mentioned an online forum, can you point me to that?
    Also I feel it is pretty ridiculous that the board comes with absolutely no tools. I even had to buy a wrench for taking the risers off, which you are supposed to take off after a while…
    Well anyway the riding is incredible and I see myself at the beginning of a beautiful love/hate relationship. Thanks for your video!!

  • InfestedAzn

    Hey Paolo, You're not alone. This board is one of the biggest regrets of my life. Like, when it works, it works great. But the amount of repairs, the fact they keep charging me customs and promising parts, but never shipping has lead me to pretty much leave it rotting in the garage. I was wondering if there is a way to get my money back from them.

  • Reid B

    Thanks for the review Paolo, I found this very interesting. I decided to just get a freebord as I don't have half the patience you have with either the maintenance or the bad support you are receiving. When I worked on the slopes in Canada I used to snowboard up the slopes being towed behind a ski-doo which was so much fun… freebord behind an e-bike might be a go instead!

  • Hau Nguyen

    Hey Man, thanks for the review and insights. I was going to shell out the money for this, but I'm glad your honest review was here to stop me from this mistake, especially in regards to maintenance and customer support. Hopefully, someone else can come up with a better implementation of this, as I love the snowboarding. But not at THIS type of hassle. Cheers.

  • Federico Gutierrez

    Owner of evolve boards here but not a hardcore fan but it is very simple, charge and go. Easy maintenance. I seen this board and found it interesting but after watching this video, I'm staying well away from it. Great Video!

  • Vonrichard Bansil

    Paolo great videos keep em coming!! I own a electric longboard and live in Japan. You live in Tokyo, do the police ever stop you from riding? Every other day police officers ask me to stop riding on the sidewalk, so I say okay then I put my board on the street then they say you can′t riding their ether wat gives!!! Okay so I wait abit till there out of site and I'm back on the board!! Wat do you normally do?! I use my board to commute to work and never horse around and I also wear a helmet!! Do I need some kind of document to ride WTH!!?!! HELP!!!

  • Clark Sydney

    Thanks so much for taking the time to put this video together. I actually watched the whole thing and you did an amazing fair and constructive review. If there was a link I would send you a small donation as a thank you as you saved me a lot of money, time and frustration by giving me a clear insight into this company. I get so many leiftech ads and I’m so glad I googled this first. Thank you and keep up the good work and the updates.

  • thomy keat

    Great review and you convince me, I WILL NOT GET THIS BOARD, that maintenance is CRAZY and the way Leiftech dealt with it sucks, surely a really fun board, but not if you have an issue with it.

  • kstarinc

    I've seen the ads, so living in whistler and being a snowboarder this board looks amazing but I'm so happy i watched your video dude because like yourself i just want to charge and go, that's not saying i don't mind doing minor maintenance but this seems a lot work for what you're paying for. It was perfectly constructed, laid out and unbiased/honestly informative, so props to you, is how i think most product reviews should be like and how i would do reviews if i were to make them. thanks 🤓

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