CGO3+ Gimbal Tilt Issues Using Handheld ActionCam Typhoon H Yuneec

For those of you that have been following me online, you know that my Typhoon H and the CGO3+ have been “tilting” after a certain amount of flight time.

Now that my camera AND drone have been around the country getting “repaired” I wanted to document the TILT using the ACTIONCAM handheld device. I am hoping this will show YUNEEC that the camera is bad and not anything in the Typhoon H.

If you have experienced GIMBAL TILT with your CGO3+, please comment below about your experience with Yuneec or otherwise. There are many posts on forums online showcasing the same exact thing.

As of right now, 7/5/2017, my drone is still under warranty so I am going to contact Yuneec until the problem is fixed. Good luck if you are having the same issues!

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