4 different crazy drone crash stories about my adventures of being a filmmaker and wanting aerial footage. I bought the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K about 3 months ago and have been loving it.

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But I really really love the risky video shots. I look at how crazy it can be to be an inexperienced drone flyer who wants really cool shots. I also show you how the Yuneec was repaired in my own little improvised way.

The Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K is an excellent unmanned aerial vehicle that is affordable for me and you. Despite my crashes, all were my fault and all due to inexperience. The drone itself has nothing to do with how I crashed it

In this video I talk about all the little mistakes I made and share how you also could avoid those mistakes.

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  • Slimv3 .1

    Nice crash stories bro. I have the same drone and have had it for a month. Have about 20 flights under my belt with no drone experience whatsoever and no crashes. But I'm sure I'm due for one. Anyways I love the yuneec 4K it's so easy to fly. Hope yours still flies with the extra plastic you've repaired it with. It might throw off the balance slightly. And always remember when in trouble just flip the home switch lol


    good news: I love drones and drone footage. they really enhance our storytelling.
    Bad news: I'm afraid to Invest in one for those crash reasons you mentioned. but I do have friends that own them. Maybe one day I'll man up. lol

  • Gadget Inspector

    Despite your crashes, you give great tips on how to capture great footage. I'm experienced with drones/quadcopters but not so much with videography. I hope you continue to make videos chronicling your experience and also including the tips such as parallax.


    oh well, i guess if you can afford it, you can laugh about it, lol…..been flying for 6 moths the Q500, love it, and for this reason am super careful, and i mean super careful, cant afford another, lol…..now for getting some help from the drone , you might consider the Typhoon H, real sense, obstacle avoidance, will help greatly on those crashes, lol……have fun flying everyone, and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all

  • MrSwanley

    My biggest tip: if you are forced to land a GPS drone far away from you, remember to disarm the motors! I once was out flying a Hubsan H501S when I decided it was maybe too windy – I was having trouble getting the drone back to me. So I landed it where it was, noted the approx position by eye plus exact GPS coordinates and hopped in my car to go collect it (the terrain in between had fences and hedges I didn't want to cross). But, I hadn't shut off the motors, so while I was driving the drones failsafe RTH feature kicked in and the drone took off again and spent the next 10 minutes fighting the wind – all while I was turning up at the expected site to find nothing! Lucky my remote gave me an updated GPS coordinate and I found it, after searching for an hour. So, I have every goofy mistake recorded for posterity on a pretty hilarious video! I want to upload it to YT, but first I'll have to learn how to annotate it etc.

  • Tank 62

    I have have been flying my 500 for little over a year and have crashed twice, both where my fault. due to depth of view. I have a few tips, first servay the area first to look for potinel obstructions, plan your flight and stick to that plan make your self a preflight check list and review before each flight. and don't become complacent, cause will screw-up.

  • Tank 62

    I have have been flying my 500 for little over a year and have crashed twice, both where my fault. due to depth of view. I have a few tips, first servay the area first to look for potinel obstructions, plan your flight and stick to that plan make your self a preflight check list and review before each flight. and don't become complacent, cause will screw-up. also remember if you fly long enough you will crash just like driving a car, we all have had a finder binder.

  • ftp2leta

    Hi, good beginner video 🙂 You made me laugh. Especially when you talk about the smart mode. You should change you title to:
    4 beginner DRONE CRASH STORIES

    That said, you will learn fast. Not sure where you are but watch the rules and laws, flying to close to building and over people is prohibited in Canada and I'm sure in the US 2. I have a few DIY drones and make some money with them (filming) but I never taught I would end up with a Q500 or any DJI product… I paid nothing for a use (not even 1 flight) Q500 G and it's a blast for filming because it's so stable.

  • coco42388

    my 4k is acting funny. my altitudes change randomly causing it to fly away or land really hard. i am going to put a sd card in the contoller and if i crash it then yuneec will know it was not user error. anyone else have this problem?

  • Caleb Cudjoe

    Yea I watched this one lastnight too I just forgot to respond. My first crash. took off near unlevelled ground with smart mode on. Lost a prop. Today, despite the wind I was itching for some flight time and i really wanted to test the manual mode(gps off;some people are getting speeds of up to 48mph with gps off and better battery life but i really wanted to test if it holds altitude) I learned never face wind with the drones side profile. I also learned really, dont fly when windy. As I tried to turn buddy around, despite being tightened proper, a prop flew off and somehow my battery busted open the hatch in the back and fell out the drone(somehow), smashed into the ground and I broke the other 3 props. rofl. After a custome hatch repair, gonna buy a new set of props in the morning since we're going to a family members farm and i just NEED to get that footage. I'm learning a thing or two about videography so I can start posting vids. And gonna order like 2 sets of props(cause it's sooo much cheaper to order). thank goodness i was smart enough atleast not to fly with the camera today. lols

  • Angelo C

    I have a q500 and others as well but Q had a board malfunction and flew into a gravel pit committing suicide. These are neat little machines but are susceptible to various electro anonale and other things, making it a little depressing when parting $. My advice to newbs and just general aerial photo dabblers, is not to expect that these will operate flawlessly, never having unusual behavior. My experience is that they are much like glitchy cell phones with a life of between 1 and 3yrs max? If you understand this you'll be a happy dabbler?

  • Chucky Lad

    Hi, Interesting video. I have gone through two P4s and a Parrot Disco myself and feel your pain. I have a Q500 now also and love it. Definitely prefer it to the P4 as I am 80% filming. Yuneec is like driving a luxury automatic truck compared to the Phantom Hatchback! Just love not having a swarm of bees overhead too. Some guys below mention the wandering Q500 and would just like to post a link here for a vid I did that solves that problem. Feel free to remove if that is not cool.

  • John Heitz

    Don't fly over water Jacques as I don't think you will find a fix if it crashes? LOL I have owned mine 6 months and have only flown it three times. Flight #1 we didn't get off the ground as we were in a no fly zone. Flight #2 we learned one of the motors was not turning then we sent it off for repair plus had the no fly zone software removed. Flight #3 was the test flight after repair and I flew for a whole 2 min. LOL I would rather fly my $200 Solo 3DR any day and not worrie about crashing a $1200 drone.

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